Why NH?

Why to Trust Us?

 While we worked as  trainer/Management team in some Intuition in India  we observed that  in most of case  student does not get the same faculty that they saw in institute’s profile and judged to go to those    institute with hope that those qualified mentor’s will deliver them the quality education, But in reality neither those mentor deliver the lecture nor they provide guidance. Thus many students are losing the quality education even after doing huge expenses of time and money on this. But in our case all our faculty are qualified  in their respective field ( In case of Networking – all trainers are CCIE qualified)  and we will fix one of us as your trainer from the very beginning (ie from the time of your query) and you are getting the same teacher in class also. Our mentors are not only engaged in teaching but are also working with multinational companies thus they are having the practical knowledge in current market situation, which they can explain to you in easy way. Some of us are also working with CISCO itself so we have all the updates that CISCO bring in its course and are able to guide you with latest changes. Further our faculties are always available to help you even after the class also. Before you join, we will provide you demo classes on respective course. It’s not we who will decide what to teach in demo class but we left on you to choose any topic and we will deliver the lecture on that. If you are satisfied with our teaching style, comfortable with our English then only you can join the regular class. Further teacher taking the demo and teacher providing the regular class will also be same. We already completed the online session on various courses and obtained great response from our students. So we are moving up with high motivation and we hope this will surely be beneficial to you all.